While many reptiles are incredibly specialized at camouflage, there is one thing they can't hide from; the changing climate and decreased habitat brought on by human activity. 


These creatures play an absolutely vital role in many land and water based eco-systems and the loss of them would have effects so great that humans would most certainly be devastatingly affected  

Fish, amphibians and reptiles are animals known as ectotherms, which means they cannot actively control their internal temperatures and are regulated by that of the environment.

Over our planets history, warm-blood animals have done much better than cold-blooded animals in adapting to changing temperatures.

While it's easy to picture snakes and lizards happily bask in warm weather, reptiles—like any other animals—have their thermal limits. As temperatures continue to rise, some areas may grow too hot for their cold-blooded locals. And studies suggest that, these animals are much slower at migrating into more suitable habitats.


If humans continue to develop in the same way that we have been heading, more and more animal territories will suffer as consequence. Deforestation for the use of farming and agriculture will continue to limit the amount of space these creatures need to survive. Rising temperatures will create fiercer weather events such as bushfires and storms that can decimate animal populations and livable habitats. Our reliance on the natural world for our own survival cannot continue to come at the destruction of it. 

It is the responsibility of us as individuals to shift our daily lives away from habits that require death and destruction as a result of our decisions. And furthermore, we can all make much more positive impacts with our lifestyle choices. 

Joining Bare Rooted will be one of the most noble acts you can do for all those that inhabit our plant, present and future. Are you ready to leave a climate positive legacy?