Humans, the world over been hugely impacted by climate change as the weather during the seasons has become more extreme than in the past. In many areas, summer is hotter and dryer, and in other areas winter is lasting much longer and producing fiercer storms and blizzards. Humans are struggling to adapt to these changes as the unpredictable weather has become more common than in our past.

If a more adaptable species like us are having a hard time adapting to climate change, it becomes far more clear why a more fragile group such as pollinators are having much more difficult time surviving.

The Pollinators of this earth, namely Bees, humming birds & bats are the tireless workers of this world that have an incredibly important role in this world, ultimately responsible the growth of many crops that we humans rely on for food. 

Climate change is making flowers bloom earlier each year. Many plants are now blooming a month earlier than just 45 years ago. Flowers blooming earlier means that they wont be pollinated so in turn bees are left without food and die.

More than 1/3 of global food crops depend on bees for pollination, but over 30% of honey bee colonies collapse each year due to bad nutrition, spread of pathogens, contact with pesticides, and other stresses. 

If this dire trend continues, humans will face severe food shortages and grave economic consequences, not to mention the tragic ramification of bees becoming extinct.

Bee on Flower

If humans continue to develop in the same way that we have been heading, more and more animal territories will suffer as consequence. Deforestation for the use of farming and agriculture will continue to limit the amount of space these creatures need to survive. Rising temperatures will create fiercer weather events such as bushfires and storms that can decimate animal populations and livable habitats. Our reliance on the natural world for our own survival cannot continue to come at the destruction of it. 

It is the responsibility of us as individuals to shift our daily lives away from habits that require death and destruction as a result of our decisions. And furthermore, we can all make much more positive impacts with our lifestyle choices. 

Joining Bare Rooted will be one of the most noble acts you can do for all those that inhabit our plant, present and future. Are you ready to leave a climate positive legacy?