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By planting lots of trees, while also

creating vital jobs & restoring native habitats 

Positive climate impact from just $3 a week

-Mangrove planting in Kenya

Your climate positive journey..

1. Lifestyle Changes

Make environmentally conscious decisions. They are the first steps towards living climate positive

2. Grow Trees

Fund the planting lots of trees across our amazing projects to offset those unavoidable Co2 emissions

3. Live climate positive

Join millions of others who are taking climate action into their own hands and living climate positive!

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- Planting season in Nepal!
Grace Designer working with Bare Rooted

- Offset her yearly Co2 emissions

'' What an excellent initiative.

Naturalii has allowed me to make a positive impact for all the things I can't reduce personally '' 

How it works

We're all trying to be part of the climate solution, but with modern living, a Co2 footprint is unavoidable.
So to help you reach climate positivity, we've made it easier and more affordable than ever before



Choose an offset

Choose from one of our affordable monthly plans or one time offsets.

Our Co2 Footprint calculator will help if your under what to choose 


Start Growing

We take care of the rest from here, making sure your trees flourish. 

They'll be planted across our projects by dedicated teams


Track & share

We'll keep you updated about your impact directly from the projects. You'll want to share just how rewarding it is to be climate positive

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Keep reducing

Keep making smart decisions every day with your impact in mind.

We'll be sure to share any awesome new ideas with you


We have partnered with & choose to support only the highest standards in climate action 

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Who & where you'll be impacting

The climate crisis is a worldwide issue, so you'll be funding projects operating in some of the worst affected regions.


Total Trees Planted

Together we have planted 3,854 precious tress

Work Days Created

38 work days have been created by our efforts


Naturalii community joint impact

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This is just the start. Together we can grow 1,000,000's of trees

Enjoy your impact

Your questions answered!

Are you a charity?

In short, no. But why you might ask? Honestly, I'm just one man trying to have the biggest positive impact and registering as a charity presented a number of obstacles in being able to achieve that goal.
With the support of people just like you, together we can plant millions of trees and reduce huges amounts of carbon emissions and at the end of the day that is far more important than a couple of codes and tax free benefits. I do have every intention of operating like a charity: Firstly by publicly publishing financial information, subscriber data, impact data. Also, my profit margin of 15-20% is up there with the best charities, with most of it going back into reaching more supporters & growing the impact of the buisness As a ABN registered business, you are also well covered by the Australian Consumer Law, which is short, means that if I say i'm going to provide you with a service and don't, then that would present a world of problems for me, and considering the purpose of this business is to create less problems in the world, it certainly doesnt align well with my goals.

Who actually plants the trees & what type of trees are they?

Excellent question. We've partnered Eden Reforestation Projects. They are one of the largest and most reputable tree planting providers in the world. Their purpose is simple, to plant trees & save lives. They do this by establishing projects in some of the worlds most impoverished countries and hiring the local communities to manage them. Our partnership agreement with them guarantees that all money given to them goes directly to the projects. We just take a small administrative fee to pay for running costs and market to more people like yourselves
As for the types of trees, this all depends on the planting location. Many trees for example are mangrove forests, which is fantastic news since mangroves sequester carbon at a rate two to four times greater than mature tropical forests, and contain the highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems. On top of that, planting Monoculture forests and non-native species do not fall under the category of responsible reforestation. As one example, at our planting sites in Madagascar, our partners are planting over 50 different species of native trees, all depending on location and animal habitat requirements

How big is my carbon footprint really?

In short. Big. And probably even bigger than that. This balloon above represents just 1 tonne of Co2, with the average westerner putting 18-30 of them into the year each year It’s very likely your carbon footprint is way beyond the targets for limiting a climate catastrophe. Even with regular climate concious choices, there’s a mind boggling carbon cost for almost anything you spend your money on. Whilst it's important to continue making concious decisions everyday to reduce your carbon footprint, its also almost impossible to live in this modern world without having a sizable impact. And that where we come in. We've made it easier than ever to be climate positive and are really excited your here, making a huge step towards saving our enviroment If your interested in knowing what your carbon footprint is. Use our Carbon Footprint Calculator

Is this really going to make a difference?

There are billions people out there just like yourself who are growing increasingly concerned for the wellbeing of our planet, but unfortunately don’t know how to make a meaningful contribution. The whole idea of this platform was to help make that biggest possible contribution towards climate positvitity, with the least amount of effort & for an incredibly reasonable price. If your capable of spending hundreds & thousands of dollers on 'luxury' items such as barista made coffee, new clothes & filling up your petrol tank then offsetting your footprint from all quality living should be a drop in the ocean, and really a social obligation. The projects you’ll be supporting are all ranked highly in terms of climate change solutions. Our goals are is to plant millions of trees, offset huges amount of co2 and restore habitat for countless creatures. With your contribution, posititve change is guaranteed

How can you prove my money is being used as you say?

In our efforts to be as open and transparent about the climate solutions we fund, we will publish purchase requests and subsequent receipts from from our tree-planting partners to confirm that all purchases made through us are converted into trees planted. You find them in our transparency ledger here
We only work with partners who plant trees responsibly. In addition, they are regularly audited by third parties, and publish internal reports for us with updates and data from our project sites, guaranteeing the chain of trust is complete You will recieve regular emails with a whole range of information on how to continually reduce your carbon footprint, climate positive news and updates directly from the projects supported

Why did you create Naturalii?

Together we can do something about this! The conversation about the climate and impact we are having as a race is only becoming more and more commonplace so that means that we’ve got an incredible opportunity to turn this mess around and leave a lasting impact for generations to come. Im sure just as you are, I was sick of waiting for politicians to make the necessary changes to put us on the right course and felt a responsibility to try and make the biggest impact myself. But I certainly can't do it without your support. Contributing to climate crisis solutions is hard. Apart from some lifestyle choices that you can make there’s has been little you can easily do. Until now. We need to take advantage of the technology we hold in our hands and for a small price to pay for lasting change, together we can make an incredible impact for the future of our planet and all its inhabitants.

If you want to learn more about me specifically, check out my bio, and if you wan't to get in touch about anything else, your always encouraged to reach out directly.

Are the people employed being treated and paid fairly?

Eden Reforestation Project’s mission is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration. They hire locals in rural villages to grow, plant and guard to maturity native forests on a massive scale. The project aims to 1) alleviate extreme poverty by hiring local villagers to grow, plant and guard large-scale forests restoration sites 2) provide a consistent income to poverty-stricken communities encouraging economic growth and 3) restore the environment through reforestation efforts, improving fisheries, agriculture and carbon sequestration. By working in this manner, it really guarantees the viability of the project. Unfortunately, families living in destitution are compelled to chop down their woodlands to produce products to take care of their families. By eliminating this need and giving a solid pay, these families would then be able to meet their essential requirements and plan for what's to come. The work in the nearby local area additionally encourages a profound association between the residents and the land. Reforesting and securing the land urges the locals to put resources into the success & development of trees, which they start to cherish and care for. This makes your contributions so much more meaningful because not only are you helping to fight the climate crisis, your also directly responsible for the employement of thousands of people who otherwise wouldnt have the opportunity for work & creating habitat for countless species of animals, vital to the natural balance on this planet. The entirety of Eden's grower and laborers are paid required minimum pay permitted by law for an entire month's work… regardless to the quantity of days they work during that month. Subsequently, if climate or sea conditions limit the capacity to plant on certain days, the workers are still paid their full wages. Also, laws necessitate that our representatives are provided with an entire month off from work every year. They honor this guideline and their workers receive their full wages during this month off. Furthermore, because of their work with Eden Reforestation Projects, their Malagasy representatives are additionally getting government medical care and retirement reserves. Individuals who were once desperate and incapable to accommodate their families are presently sending their children to school, starting micro businesses, and saving and putting something aside for their futures. Through work, the need to chop down the woodland and trees is wiped out which consequently permits the local area to focus on restoring their environment while still being able to acquire a livable wage. Over time, the effect of the restored land keeps on expanding as fisheries improve, water tables recharge, and biodiversity returns.

How can I track my impact

There are a number of other businesses out there offering a way of tracking your invidivual tree's journey and it's impact, unfortunately this is just a well laid out marketing scheme and not at all possible.
We don't want to make false promises or incorrect reporting.
So while you can be absolutely certain that the amount of trees you purchase will be planted & your Co2 offset, with the ability to track this through our transparency ledger, we will be keeping you up to date about the overall Naturalii community impact at the numerous planting projects that we support through monthly impact emails

Why wouldnt I just give directly to the projects?

At the end of the day, there is nothing stopping you. And if it means more trees planted, more habitat created and more lives improved, then we have no problems with this. But before you do, know that we have a fantastic partnership agreement with our charity partners that guarantees that every cent we send to them, goes directly to the projects. Purchasing directly through Eden Reforestation Projects for example will incurr higher prices for the same results since they have a much larger administrative process and team to manage. By using our service, we absorb all of the transaction, administation & currency conversion costs, in turn, making your money go as far & have as much impact as possible without getting tied up in red tape. On top of that, you'll be supporting our business, and in a world that needs as many business making climate action happen as possible, we think its a pretty good reason to back us.

Who are you?

Hi, my name is Kit. Growing up on the border of a beautiful state forest was always going to establish a lasting connection with me and the natural world. My love of nature was only expanded even further the first time I went scuba diving, and from there a career flourished that took me on some incredible adventures that will be forever cherished. Drive and ambition found me running my own business in Colombia, a place of such immense beauty that even though I spent years in the country it only provided me a glimpse of everything it has to offer. I thought I would stay in Colombia forever, yet life had a different plan. Unforeseeable circumstances meant that I had to choose a new path and I decided to pursue my love of nature by committing myself to healing the earth as much as I can. And that is how Naturalii was born. It’s with this platform and the commitment of you, yes you, that we can help protect the planet and leave a legacy that helps generations of humans, animals and plants enjoy this beautiful planet just as we have.