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What impact are we all leaving?

Let's be honest, "a carbon footprint" is putting it lightly. We are all responsible for a great deal of devastation for the sake of modern comforts.

Changes to daily lifestyles & environmental preservation is just the start of what we can do

Our effect on climate change is not only a threat to delicate ecosystems and wildlife, but will also leaving a lasting impact on generations to come.


But it's not too late to change.

Together, we will make a difference!

How you can & will 

make a difference

We should all be part of the climate solution. It's easy, transparent and affordable.
Are you ready to become climate positive?

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Step 1

Calculate your Co2 footprint

Our Carbon Footprint Calculator makes it easy to get a good understanding of your personal or household carbon footprint and all you need to do is just answer a few easy questions


Step 2

Start offsetting 

We have a number of options for individuals, families and businesses, including monthly plans & even the ability to offset your car's fabrication or house's construction emissions.


Step 3

Follow & share your impact

Sit back and relax as we do the hard work. We'll keep you updated about your positive impact. You'll want to share just how easy it is to become carbon positive with all of your friends and family

Climate Positive Gifts

It can be hard to find a gift that is 100% environmentally friendly, but it doesn’t have to be. At BareRooted we offer a range of options that allow you to give back to the environment while simultaneously providing your loved one the gift that gives back.

Hand Picked
Planting Projects

Our projects don't just plant trees. 

They create jobs for

local communities

Establish thriving native habitats

Protect the world for generations to come

What is a
Carbon Footprint?

We all have a 
Carbon Footprint


But what is it exactly?

Why is it bad for us and the planet?

And what exactly can we reduce it?

How does
offsetting help?

Sequestering your Footprint is imperative to a healthy planet

From protecting vital ecosystems

Through to cleaning the atmosphere

Your impact can be felt for generations

P.J Gardener | Bare Rooted


I'm fortunate enough to work in nature on a daily basis, now with Naturalii, I know my contribution is allowing so many others to enjoy the same

Simon Small Business Owner Gardning with Bare Rooted

Small Business Owner

'' I've always been concerned about my businesses' impact. I can truly breath easier knowing I'm giving back to the planet that's given me so much

Grace Designer working with Bare Rooted


'' What an excellent initiative.

Naturalii has allowed me to make a positive impact for all the things I can't reduce personally '' . 

offset your footprint to protect the environment

Our worldwide projects are improving thousands of lives


We have partnered with & choose to support only the highest standards in climate action 

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Climate Gifts

Give a gift that will truly last a lifetime



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Offset & forget with our monthly subscription options


$15 monthly

Car Dashboard


Concerned about the environmental impact of your house or car? Why not offset it..



Ready to make one of the biggest climate positive impacts of your life?